Reusable Produce Bag (small)

Reusable Produce Bag (small)


Small Reusable Produce Bag

Zero waste, reusable, natural, vegan produce bags. Our bags are the bee’s knees! Super durable, hand and machine washable, handmade from natural materials that have a country charm! They include a drawstring for easy closure and storage. Our bags are eco-friendly and even biodegradable!

Using reusable produce bags is a great habit to get into! Soon plastic produce bags will be no more in Canada. The Canadian government plans to ban single use plastics as early as 2021, seeing as only less than 10% of plastics used in Canada are recycled.

Reusable produce bags are a great step forward to reducing your single use plastic consumption!

8 inches x 10 inches


| natural linen/cotton blend material | natural cotton string |

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